Nowhere in the Constitution Can One Find Any Mention of the Phrase 'Separation of Church and State'-Alabama Chief Justice Might Lead the Way to an American Cultural Renaissance

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*Congress shall make no law [1] respecting an establishment of religion, or [2] prohibiting the free exercise thereof. So says the first amendment.

Those who — because of a venomous hatred of organized religion so virulent as to have unbalanced them — go overboard in their advocacy of part [1] will nonetheless go to any lengths to eradicate the right enumerated in part [2].


Nowhere in the Constitution can one find ”’any”’ mention of the phrase “separation of church and state.”

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore and others correctly perceive this extremist attack on organized religion as part and parcel of the all out culture war on decency declared 40 years ago by the pampered, pretentious, pompous, post WWII counter culture elite in America. These are the ungrateful hypocrites who populate most of the Cry Baby Boom generation.

The strategy of anti-religion phase of the culture war is one of incrementalism crafted and executed by extremists who, regrettably, wear black robes, cloak themselves in the majesty of the law and encourage blatant manipulation of the law to achieve political objectives unattainable by representative legislative processes.

A notable precursor of the culture war was the successful attack on prayer in school. The war continued with a myriad of successful attacks on the display of any symbol even remotely signifying religious belief in any public place — even to the extent of a New Jersey court ruling against Frosty the Snowman.

Closer to home, a metal cross at Kolekole Pass not physically accessible to civilians (U.S. Army Schofield Barracks on one side, Naval Magazine Lualualei on the other) enraged a civilian who once happened to catch a distant glimpse.

He successfully demanded it be torn down by brandishing the threat of a lawsuit. That barely visible symbol of religious faith was erected along the primary flight path through the Waianae Range taken by Imperial Japanese Navy carrier pilots who attacked Pearl Harbor almost sixty two years ago. The mean spirited person who threatened the lawsuit remains gleeful in his contempt for the religious faith of the WWII generation at a time of great peril — and smug in his legal “triumph” over organized religion today.

The very same the 10 commandments now visible in the U.S. Supreme Court have recently been ruled impermissable in an Alabama court. In point of indisputable fact, that display — whether in Alabama or inside the Washington Beltway — neither [1] establishes a religion nor [2] prohibits free exercise of religion. That fact is held to be irrelevant by culture war extremists.

Clearly those who have successfully inflicted their culture war on a once decent American society are by no means finished with their destructive work. Each new victory against organized religion, for example, fuels a feeding frenzy to the extent one may justifiably ask “What next?” There is no shortage of targets for those whose hatred of common decency, American values and religious freedom knows no bounds. One may reasonably suppose future targets will include:

— Military chaplains — Chaplains who routinely open sessions of the U.S. House and Senate with a prayer — The motto “In God We Trust” on our coinage — All mention of God now found on such monuments as the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC and elsewhere — Crosses and other religious symbols atop churches, synagogues and other houses of worship that are in a visible line of sight to those in public places.

This same counterculture elite that now rules with an iron fist from the bench was once to be found braying on many a college campus, “What if they gave a war and no one came?” Well these elites have declared a war on their fellow Americans, a war in which only they have showed up … until now.

Personally, I thank God for Roy Moore. It is high time for those who seek a return of common decency and common sense to engage the extremist elite and work to prevail over them as these aging infantile whiners of the Cry Baby Boom elite move toward their final rendezvous with an environmentally friendly proc ess of elemental recycling.

How fitting that an Alabama Chief Justice might lead the way to an American cultural renaissance that will succeed in ringing down the curtain on judicial tyranny and on a generation of barbaric ingrates unworthy of the freedoms bestowed upon them by the blood sacrifice of others. Roy Moore may lose many a battle as this campaign unfolds, but his cause is Justice itself. In that cause he and those like him will ultimately triumph.

”’Thomas E. Stuart is a resident of Kapaau, Hawaii.”’