Oahu Landfill Selection Meetings Postponed

photo courtesy of findingdulcinea.com
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The Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Landfill Site Selection meetings scheduled August 16 and August 26 have been postponed.

The consultant, R.M. Towill Corporation, was asked at the last meeting by the Committee to investigate potential landfill sites within Oahu’s Underground Injection Control (UIC) Line and No Pass Zone. This postponement is in accordance with an agreement made by the Committee early on in the proceedings not to convene meetings if all needed information was not available such that the gatherings would be less productive.


The investigation of landfill sites within the UIC Line and No Pass Zone requires the consultant to contact and coordinate between a number of governmental agencies, including but not limited to the Board of Water Supply, the Solid Waste and Safe Drinking Water branches of the State Department of Health (DOH), and the State Commission on Water Resource Management.

Multiple factors must also be considered and analyzed, including private as well as public water and well resources. These factors concern whether the land at issue is:  in the State Conservation District; considered prime agricultural land; within a parcel of sufficient size to be utilized for a landfill; located next to already developed areas; and, located within proximity to DOH designated “impaired” State waters.

Once the required data is collected and the research is completed, a meeting will be scheduled where the Commission will be fully informed.