Obama Wants to Raise Your Cost of Living, Hawaii

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BY FRANCES NUAR – Hawaii already boasts the highest cost of living in the nation, 66 percent higher than average. Jobs are hard to come by, and wages are stagnant or declining. Yet, the facts would lead one to believe that President Barack Obama wants that cost of living to go up. Let’s examine.

Obama’s global-warming agenda will translate into $7-a-gallon gas, according to a Harvard University study. Currently the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States is $3.98, up from $2.89 just a year ago. Here in Hawaii, the average is $4.54. Meaning, if the average price of a gallon of gas in the United States jumps to $7, we’ll be paying $7.98 per gallon of gas.


President Obama says he wants to “help people make the adjustment” to these higher prices. Yet wages are stagnant and GDP in Hawaii has decreased 1.5 percent.

Add to this Matson’s announcement today to raise the cost of the shipping fuel surcharge by 49.5 percent to cover exploding fuel costs, and the cost of living in Paradise just got a whole lot steeper. Due to the geographical realities of Hawaii, almost everything is shipped in. If Matson raises their prices, grocery stores and other retailers must raise their prices as well.

Hence, your cost of living will go up.

What do you think? Is Obama to blame for the high gas prices? What are the solutions? Should we lift the offshore oil moratorium?