OHA Installs Five Trustees to Four-Year Terms

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REPORT FROM OHA — The Office of Hawaiian Affairs today officially added one new face to its Board of Trustees and applauded the re-election of four incumbents amid the splendor of an investiture ceremony attended by an estimated 500 guests.

Newly-elected Trustee Dan Ahuna, who represents Kaua’i on the nine-member policy-making board, took his oath of office for a four-year term along with Chairperson Colette Machado, who ran unopposed in the November general election for her seat to represent Moloka’i; at-large Trustee Haunani Apolonia, who was re-elected to a seat she has held since 1996; Robert Lindsey Jr., who won re-election to continue representing Hawai’i Island; and Carmen Hulu Lindsey, who was  elected to continue representing Maui.


Their swearing-in ceremony inside a conference room at OHA was presided over by Associate Judge Lisa Ginoza. The ceremony was followed by an investiture event at Central Union Church, where the long guest list included Gov. Neil Abercrombie and keynote speaker C. Nainoa Thompson, president of the Polynesian Voyaging Society.

In congratulating the five trustees who are beginning new four-year terms, OHA Chief Executive Officer Kamana’o Crabbe highlighted their respective expertise in such areas as land use, education and social work.

“I look forward to continue developing an effective working relationship with the OHA Board of Trustees,” Crabbe said. “The knowledge and experiences of the trustees who are beginning new terms will be helpful to OHA’s efforts to contribute to the state’s vision for Kaka’ako as well as overall policy-making decisions that empower Hawaiians and strengthen Hawaii.”

About OHA

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) is a unique, independent state agency established through the Hawai‘i State Constitution and statutes to advocate for the betterment of conditions of all Native Hawaiians, with a Board of Trustees elected by the voters of Hawai‘i. OHA is guided by a vision and mission to ensure the perpetuation of the culture, to protect the entitlements of Native Hawaiians, and to build a strong and healthy Hawaiian people and nation. For more information, visit www.oha.org.






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