On Board the Battleship Missouri, Naval War College Expert Addresses Future of Maritime Security in the Pacific

Dr. Toshi Yoshihara
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Dr. Toshi Yoshihara

Naval War College Professor of Strategy and Policy and the John A. van Beuren Chair of Asia-Pacific Studies, Dr. Toshi Yoshihara looks to the future of maritime security in the Pacific at an evening event aboard the Battleship Missouri, beginning at 5:00pm on Saturday, February 23rd, 2013. The Battleship Missouri stands sentry over historic Battleship Row in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

With an emphasis on the modernization of the Chinese Navy, Dr. Yoshihara explores the recent emergence of potential threats to the peace and stability in the Pacific. The event includes tours of the Battleship Missouri, a reception and dinner and is hosted by the Naval War College Foundation.


The Naval War College’s primary mission is to prepare operational and strategic leaders to meet national security challenges and to shape the global maritime order. Located in Newport, Rhode Island, the Naval War College has for over 125 years, hosted distinguished officers from every branch of the armed services, federal agencies and foreign countries. These officers learn how wars are fought, how conflicts are resolved and how, if possible, to prevent them. The close relationships among officers from around the world help us build and strengthen bridges that span cultures and beliefs.

The Naval War College Foundation raises awareness and funds for the Naval War College. The Foundation is dedicated to helping the College prepare future leaders and decision makers of our country and over 125 nations around the world so as to shape the global maritime order and promote the peaceful use of the world’s oceans.