Ongoing Efforts To Derail The Tea Party

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BY CHRISTOPHER G. ADAMO – When the burgeoning Tea Party first became apparent in early 2009, the Democrat/media political machine attempted to simply ignore it.

Later on, their response was to try to trivialize it as a “fringe movement” or, in the words of then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D.-CA) as “Astroturf,” an obvious intimation that it was a phony alternative to any true coalescing of grassroots sentiments.


And of course everybody remembers the perverse pejorative “Tea Baggers” which increasingly desperate liberals invoked as a last ditch effort to demean and denigrate this relentless groundswell of conservatism from the Heartland, in vain hopes of neutralizing it prior to the November 2010 elections.

Their efforts failed, and the enormous impact of the Tea Party last year at the ballot box vastly exceeded any expectations from the left. Real America had finally had its fill of the liberal agenda and, in resounding terms, made plain its intention to change the downward direction of the country. Yet liberals do not give up so easily. Nor do they ever feel compelled to confine their efforts to the realm of truth or reality. Since November, they have merely changed tactics while maintaining their original goal of shifting the country irreversibly to the left.

Their latest attempt exhibits both their gut level determination to ultimately win, and the slippery fraudulence and deviousness of their tactics. Ultimately, they seek to magnify and aggravate any possible fissures within the Tea Party movement, with an end goal of dividing and fatally undermining it. Those Americans who have made it such a resounding success must recognize that their most effective defense is to stay true to the ideals that have brought them to this point, while remaining vigilant and guarded against the subversive efforts of the opposition.

A March 15, 2011 commentary by Jonathan Martin in the “Politico,” stands as a prime example of the latest tactic. Attempting to portray itself as a thoughtful and objective website presenting balanced political analysis, “Politico” is instead merely another avenue for deluging the American people with the standard platitudes of liberal ideology.

In what seems at first to be a sympathetic assessment of conservative politics, Martin’s piece, entitled “GOP 2012: America in Decline” begins by presenting a coalescing point of the Tea Party movement, namely that under the detestable rule of liberals, the nation has been put on a trajectory that portends the eventual loss of its greatness.

So far, so good. Yet almost immediately, Martin asserts that this harbinger of doom for the nation “could overshadow the traditional focus on social and fiscal issues” on the right. What is no doubt believed by the “Politico” staff to be a cunning and manipulative ruse, intended to isolate and marginalize the moral conservatives, is in fact just another transparent ploy to drive a wedge into the conservative movement.

Though among Beltway insiders, this notion that these areas of concern might be mutually exclusive is entirely plausible and could thus be exploited in their “divide and conquer” strategy, in reality it merely reflects their own ethical bankruptcy and total lack of understanding as to what really ails the nation, and how the course to a proper fix must be followed. In truth, no incongruity whatsoever exists between the fiscal problems facing the country, its general decline on the world stage, and the collapse of morality and decency on Main Street.

Admittedly, the GOP has long been plagued with cowards in its midst who would rather avoid those messy “social issues,” and especially any reference to the Judeo-Christian ethic that defines them. Adherents to this mindset have existed under various titles. For many years, those who sought to advance their political careers within the Republican Party while identifying with the ideologies of the Democrats were able to legitimize their duplicity under the banner of “moderates.” But since the grim reality of that scheme has been unmasked of late, they have been forced to become more creative.

So now they accredit themselves with such noble sounding terms as “Fiscally Conservative” which means in reality that they believe they can somehow preside over the current societal decay without incurring any of its exorbitant and unavoidable costs. And these individuals, almost without fail, have been reliable collaborators with the Democrats, helping liberal agenda items across the finish line and betraying the GOP at critical moments in defining debates.

However, the rules of the game have changed. The horrendous liberal/socialist juggernaut of the past few years has irreversibly awakened the people of America to the scope of the threats that face them. And any message asserting that the moral component of the current national decline can be ignored, or that it was not a crucial factor in last year’s conservative electoral landslide, will be immediately discounted and rejected by the vast majority of the conservative ascendancy.

Though some would make the case that the “backbone” of the Tea Party movement is strictly about the nation’s dismal financial situation, the drastic makeover of the American political scene, particularly in the Congress, suggests quite the opposite. For example, eighty-seven percent of freshmen representatives identify themselves as strongly pro-life. And if that statistic is confined to Republican ranks, the number is higher still.

In Iowa, though voters maintained their state’s delegation to the Congress as a 3-2 Democrat majority, they took the unprecedented step of removing from the State Supreme Court three judges who were up for reconfirmation who had overridden a statute preserving the traditional definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman. While allowing the incumbents from both parties to remain (though the Democrats did so by small margins) they were fervent in their determination to reinforce the traditional values on which their state, and the nation as a whole were built.

Clearly, the “ruling class” is working overtime to fracture and dilute conservative America. However, the people of the Heartland remain dedicated to the principles and heritage of their nation and all that this cause embodies. No true advocacy of the Constitution, or any of the blessings derived from it, can reject the component of morality that its framers recognized as inseparable from it in spirit and principle.

Christopher G. Adamo is a resident of southeastern Wyoming. He has been involved in politics at the local and state level for many years. His contact information and article archives can be found at





  1. This is an excellent article, saying clearly what is purposefully a very complex, subtle strategy from liberal (meaning theoretical) politicians.

    Marriage is a concept that is definable in civil terms, even though most people consider it a spiritual, romantic union. It has to be much more than that to be supported by the State and Fed. government. There is a vested interest the government has in marriage, as the institution that protects engendered children – so they can have both a biological father and a mother (man and woman). There’s no better bond, on the average, than a bond made with shared genetics amongst the human triangle of father, mother, and offspring. Adoption is gracious, but does not engender this optimal triangle of relationship. Say what they may say, other couples, such as two friends, or two blood-related persons, or two minors, don’t matter as much to the government as a married couple with the potential to procreate the next generation. There’s no substitute for motherhood (or none of us would exist.)

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