Open Letter to Congresswoman Hirono on the Federal Budget Fiasco

Mazie Hirono
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Dear Congresswoman Hirono – Thank you for sending me your letter regarding the Federal Budget or lack thereof, dated November 14, 2011.  You stated that you “have long held the view that the federal government should demonstrate responsibility in budgeting, responsibility that ensures that we meet the needs of our neighbors and communities, promote economic growth, and manage federal debts and other obligations appropriately.”

Regrettably, You, Congress and the current Administration are averaging a debt increase of more than $1.5 Trillion a year because of careless spending since 2009, surpassing Mr. Bush’s average of $612.4 Billion; with this carelessness you and Congress achieved quite the landmark milestone of busting through the $15 Trillion mark in National debt.


The current Administration and Congress, that includes you, have failed to complete a federal budget since 2009; why?

Quite frankly, if you or any member of Congress were in the private sector your services would have been terminated; especially since the latest national polls disclose that Congress has a very bleak approval rating of 9%.  Why is that?

You also mentioned that you supported the “PAY-AS-YOU-GO Act of 2010, which requires that new programs be paid for by either cutting old programs or raising new revenues.  It was this type of budgeting during the 1990’s that produced a budget surplus of $230 billion in 2000.”

Well first off, where are the cuts verses your spending since the enactment?

Secondly, would you like to see how they, Congress and the Clinton Administration, came up with the surplus?  A long story short, they raped Social Security, again, leaving nothing but dusty old Government Bonds (IOU’s) in the trust accounts.

Oh, wait a minute there are no trust accounts anymore.  Our two trust accounts were transferred to the never ending vortex, the General Fund, under the Social Security Act of 1965!  That’s why Social Security is in such dire straits with an unfunded liability of over $15 Trillion.  And since we are talking about unfunded liabilities, let us add Medicare and Prescription drugs to the total, which is over $116 Trillion!  Now, add $116 Trillion in unfunded liabilities to the $15 Trillion in national debt, oh my, we have a $131 Trillion in almost total debt.

And, since you supported Obama Care, which robbed Medicare of another $500 Billion of our funds, I’d say that was quite the accomplishment Congresswoman.

However, looking back, Mr. Bush even saw the light at the beginning of his first term, when he too experienced a recession with the collapse of the “Dot Com” empires; he lowered taxes.  But, he as well as Congress continued the spending binge adding to the debt.  Nevertheless, because of his actions of lowering taxes he created over 80 million new jobs.

His tax cuts not only helped the well to do, they also boosted everyday Americans across the country; unlike the propaganda you and many others in Congress have spewed misleading those who are less informed.

You said you supported the Budget Control Act of 2011, even though it didn’t include everything you wanted to see in this agreement.  The Budget Control Act, needless to say was uncalled for.  We have Constitutional rules that prevent our Country from defaulting.  Try reading the U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 8 and the 14th Amendment, section 4.

Frankly, President Obama, as usual, refused to make a decision like he has historically.  While as a State Senator and a U.S. Senator he continually voted “Present.”  As we were growing closer to the “Debt Ceiling,” Congress, who, during another fast approaching election cycle didn’t want to make the critical necessary decisions and be held accountable.

Truthfully, the Budget Control Act was just a cop out, because a number of the 535 members were thinking of themselves and not the American public.  Just ask Senator Reid, he’s got several job creating bills from the Republican controlled House and even the House’s version of the Federal Budget collecting dust on his desk.

Honestly, you and everyone else in Congress are just passing the buck.  We have over 14 million American’s out of work, because of the current over burdensome regulations (the hidden tax), over taxation and continued economically destructive spending habits; including the future uncertainties Congress has waiting, especially with the constitutionally challenged Obama Care.   You should be ashamed of yourself!

Even the political opportunist Mr. Clinton along with the Republican House Leadership back in the 90’s saw the light and reduced taxes and regulations causing a record lowering of the unemployment rate to 4 percent; and believe it or not the Country experienced increased record revenues, despite raiding our Social Security funds!

In the closing of your letter you stated “Ensuring that our nation’s finances can responsibly support the economic growth we need without undermining our commitment to our children’s future, our seniors, and our veterans is a high priority for me.”  Let me remind you that socialism has never worked; as we are witnessing these effects in Europe today.

And, if you are ensuring your commitment to our children’s future, our seniors and veterans, you are doing a dismal job.   Each one of my children, including seniors, veterans and American’s across this great Country are now physically responsible to the tune of over $160,000 of national debt because of the recklessness of past/current Administrations, Congresses and You.

Congresswoman Hirono, I certainly hope you were not looking for a vote since it appears that you are actively pinging to fill the soon to be vacant U.S. Senate seat for Hawaii.  Quite frankly, I guarantee I will do my best to see that you retire at the end of 2012.

Very truly yours,

Jeff Churchill

That’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it.





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