Pacific Resource Partnership’s John White is Hypocritical

SORRY: John White, executive director of PRP Hawaii, apologized to Cayetano as a part of the settlement
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John D. White Jr. (PRP photo)

BY LOIS MITSUNAGA – and I am here to set the record straight.  You keep seeing the smear campaign commercials created by John White of PRP Hawaii that mis-state the facts about campaign contributions.  What he says are outright lies and this guy is a total hypocrite.

Civil Beat just reported that John White illegally took money out of his own campaign in his city council race and is being investigated.


The irony is, this guy is smearing our former governor and even my father for the same things he has been doing since migrating to Hawaii from Arkansas.

He ended up as Chief of Staff for Mazie Hirono and is smearing Ben Cayetano for receiving illegal campaign contributions.  The truth is, Mazie Hirono accepted $98,000 in illegal contributions and he endorsed her – but he hasn’t said a word about that.

When he ran for city council, he solicited and accepted contributions from the same people who contributed to Hirono and Cayetano.  This is not the way we like politics in Hawaii with smears and lies and no aloha.  PRP should fire him and restore their integrity.





  1. Lois, I couldn’t agree with you more about John White. However, I’m disappointed you had to throw in the “he’s not one of us, he’s a mainland haole” angle. It cheapens and devalues your otherwise excellent points. Let’s face it, the Mitsunaga family also migrated to Hawaii, from Japan. Is that somehow better than migrating from, say, Arkansas?

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