Paul Laub: Maui Council Candidate

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Current job: Small business person

Residence, how long you’ve lived in the district: I bought my home here in 1987.


Background that qualifies you for the position: Small business person, President of Maui County Veterans council, member of numerous boards and committees, including Maui County Board of Code Appeals, Board of Directors Maui Vacation Rental Association, Maui Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce, Maui Chamber of Commerce, West Maui Veterans Club, West Maui Taxpayers Association, Lahainatown Action Committee,  Hui O Wa’a Kaulua . I have a B.A. in Anthropology and studied business at UCLA graduate school of business. I have never missed a payroll since I started in business in 1965. I have lived through numerous downturns including the Gas War of 1973/4. I am a licensed state of Hawaii substitute teacher.

What else have you run for? Have you been in public office before and if so, what position? Never ran for any public position in Hawaii

What are the biggest issue in your district and your proposed solution? Jobs, make Maui county most business friendly of all counties by eliminating anti-business legislation, including instituting home based business, speed up applications processes, reinstate Transient Vacation Rentals, PACE photovoltaic. Please see my website for full list.

Please share your position on Bed and Breakfasts in residential neighborhoods: I am on the Board of directors of the Maui Vacation Rental Association and worked toward the Band B ordinance we have today.

What is your position on county taxes and fees? Are they high enough or should they continue to increase? They are too high and our government expenditures are too big and both should be reduced.

Would you sign a pledge not to raise taxes in the future by introducing legislation or supporting legislation that raises taxes? No, I don’t close doors in advance; however, it is my intent to reduce taxes and spending.

Please share the most interesting thing about yourself: I am fun, interesting and the best person for the job due to my skills.

If you could ask any of your competitors one question, what would you ask and to who? How many jobs have YOU created in your life time and how? I have been a businessman since 1965 except ‘67thru ’69 when I was in the U.S. Army.  I have had many businesses and never missed a payroll. I have created dozens of jobs thru my stores and companies.

Endorsements? The people

Contact information:

Phone: 442-2450; E-mail:

Mail: 1003 Front St. Lahaina, Hi ,96761

Web site address:

Campaign Slogan or Theme: “Real Solutions Now!”