Pearl Harbor Shipyard Critical to National Defense

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The loss of Pearl Harbor shipyard would be a tragic loss for our state and our potential interests in the Pacific.

The Department of Defense is reconsidering whether Pearl Harbor Naval shipyard should be added to the list of navy facilities that should be closed in order to save hundreds of millions of defense dollars in the coming years.


Presently, New England officials are meeting with the Base Realignment and Closure Commission arguing that Pearl Harbor should be closed rather than Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

The argument is that closing the Pearl Harbor shipyard would save the government money — $760 million.

It should be obvious that Pearl Harbor is more strategically located being closer to potential Asian trouble spots.

China has the world’s largest military, and is the biggest long-term threat to America. Korea is also heating up. Pearl Harbor shipyard is essential for our military capability in the Western Pacific.

Losing Pearl Harbor shipyard will also be a hard hit to us at home.

We hope that we can make our case to the BRAC in Los Angeles. Losing 4,500 jobs would be a painful loss to our state and a devastating blow to Hawaii workers.

”’Rep. Lynn Finnegan, House Minority Leader, is a Republican representing the Stadium area of Oahu.”’

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