Plan to Get Hawaii Public School Students Back to Class

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    ‘News Conference Transcript – November 15, 2009 – Note: The following transcript is from the second half of a news conference in which Governor Lingle first provided an update on her recent trip to China to promote tourism, international trade and clean energy partnerships, then discussed a plan to return children to class by restoring instructional days. The news conference can be viewed at’

    Even though the (China) trip was hugely successful and I was gone for two weeks, I was in touch here at home throughout that time. I was especially concerned about the furlough issue lingering on, about the need for a solution and the need to break the status quo, so I’ve been working throughout the weekend with my team to put together a plan to deal with the furlough issues.


    This plan, starting January 1, 2010, would eliminate all furlough Fridays for the rest of the contract period. It’s very straightforward