Pritchett’s Pen: Hawaii Tax Tsunami, the Unnatural Disaster

Tax Tsunami
Hawaii tax tsunami, the unnatural disaster
Tax Tsunami
Hawaii tax tsunami, the unnatural disaster




  1. i am sorry, but images like this being used for political purposes seems to be in very poor taste while we are still watching suffering and death on TV from the effects of the tsunami in japan. True, hawaii dodged a bullet and the tsunami here turned out to be a minor inconvenience for most hawaii residents, but it is very real for millions of japanese here and in japan. while i agree with the idea put forth by the cartoon, the imagery lacks sensitivity and is opportunistic of a very real tragedy. hawaii reporter should not have accepted this submission as it affects your credibility on other relevant matters.

  2. Mr. Pritchett, I believe your cartoon was appropriate; before or after Japan’s tragic disaster. Your cartoon depicts what’s happening here in Hawaii; clear and simple!

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