Put the Decision to Decentralize in Hands of the Voters

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    You can count this family in for wanting the localization of school boards. It just makes sense.

    We want to use our own autonomy. We want to see and communicate with people within our reach, to solve our own problems.


    Every child is different, every person is different and every school’s situation is different.

    Everyone deserves individualized attention, localized school boards will achieve this.

    Making the Board of Education bigger is nonsense. It means more bureaucracy and brings in more faces that we can never reach in urgent times of need.

    No more games, please.

    Let the people of Hawaii decide what’s right, put it on our next ballot.

    ”’Cindy Sue and Doug Clark, residents of Kihei, Maui, are parents of public school children. They can be reached via email at:”’

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