Rail Joke in On Oahu Taxpayers: Planned extensions coming soon at $266,207 per rider



We would like to tell you that is a joke, but it is not.

Follow us: Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation CEO Grabauskas tells us that the cost of the planned rail extensions to the University of Hawaii, Waikiki and to Kapolei Town will bring the total cost of the rail line to $9.03 billion from the current project at $5.17 billion (and counting). The additional amount then is $3.86 billion.

Now the passenger boardings will increase from 116,300 daily to 148,300, he said.

That’s another 32,000 boardings.

We need to allow for the fact two boardings make a round trip and 1o percent of the people will make two trips.

That reduces the 32,000 and we are down to 14,500 people riding.

$3.86 billion divided by 14,500 and that gives us $266,207 per rider.

Oh, and don’t forget the operating losses.