Build Rail or Sewage Upgrades? The City Cannot Afford Both

Tom Berg
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Tom Berg

BY TOM BERG – (The city’s plan to ship sewage from Sand Island to other communities because of capacity issues) … is the aftermath of voters electing leaders that play kick the can with our necessities.  Our own waste is backing up to City Hall and never forget it- this was done by design to go gung-ho over funding rail instead of fixing our basic infrastructure.  It is time to ask the voter, ‘Do you want to continue to fund the rail project or take that money and fix the dilemma that transpires after you flush?’

The Mayor is facing a turning point in his term, either he can direct resources to resolve flooding, drainage, water, sewer, and road repairs and embark upon upgrades to various treatment plants and recycling efforts, or continue to divert taxpayers’ money to fund a heavy-rail system riddled with graft on all fronts.

Everyone that is upset with sludge being shipped to their backyard and being in receipt of the island’s woes, needs to reevaluate the pursuit of rail that is killing our quality of life even before the rail has even begun. It’s that simple- fund sewers or rail, and the voters want rail and this is the result. Now we have to live with it- a misdirection of priorities sold to us by a previous administration, or raise taxes to flush in confidence.






  1. Keep stirring the storm, Berg, maybe enough people will get interested so we’ll see some changes come election time. Are you working with Cayetano and his group on the rail thing as well?

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