Rep. Lynn Finnegan: Political Balance Needed in Hawaii Government

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BY LYNN FINNEGAN – After serving eight years as the State Representative for Aiea on O’ahu and five years as Republican leader for the House, I am honored to be running for Lt. Governor of our great State of Hawaii.

As the potential running mate with Duke Aiona in the bid for the 5th floor of the State Capitol this November, I am confident the GOP will have a strong, well-respected ticket so we can continue to serve the people of Hawaii and provide the necessary leadership in the Executive Branch of State government. I can sum up my reasons for this next step in one word: BALANCE.


Today, we have a legislative branch of government led by Democrats who hold 95% of all elected offices.

As Minority Leader in our State House, I saw first hand that a lack of balance in government leads to back room deals and decisions that don’t put the general public interests first. I’m running for Lt. Governor because I believe we must keep Republican leadership in the Executive Branch in order to have a balanced, open and honest government for all the people of Hawaii.

With eight years in the House Chamber, I have the experience to be an effective Lieutenant Governor. If elected, I promise to stay true to the ideals of:

* State government that places Hawaii residents ahead of bureaucracy

* A public education system that puts students and families first

* An accelerated transition to Hawaii’s clean energy economy

* A lower cost of living for families, individuals and businesses

* Businesses that just don’t survive, but thrive.

These five reasons are why I want to join Duke Aiona and work as a team to provide balance to decision making at the Capitol. My experience will allow me to be the direct liaison from the 5th floor to the legislators in the Chamber, and ultimately to all the people of Hawaii. My proven record and my personal growth in the last ten years has taken me from being a young mom on a local school board to a leader in the legislature, to now a candidate for Lt. Governor of the State of Hawaii.

I respectfully urge you to visit to learn more. I sincerely hope I can count on your vote in the Primary Election on Sept. 18. Mahalo, and God bless you and God bless our Hawaii.