Rep. Marilyn Lee Elected as Officer of National Women’s Legislative Board

Rep. Marilyn Lee
Rep. Marilyn Lee
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Rep. Marilyn Lee
Rep. Marilyn Lee

Representative Marilyn Lee (D-District 38) has been elected as the President of the Executive Board of the Women’s Legislative Network of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).

The Women’s Legislative Network of NCSL includes all women state legislators by virtue of their election to office.  There are currently 1,739 women serving in state legislatures across the country.  The Network’s mission is to promote the participation, empowerment, and leadership of women legislators through:


·         Sponsoring forums and workshops on topics of interest to women legislators,
·         Hosting events for women legislators at NCSL meetings, and
·         Partnering with other organizations to provide resources and services.

Recent Network programming has addressed policy topics of financial stability, women’s health, and women in the military.

Representative_Marilyn Lee was elected August 10 at the Women’s Legislative Network annual business meeting during the NCSL Legislative Summit in San Antonio, Texas.

“It is a real privilege for me to serve on the board of the Women’s Legislative Network,” said Lee. “I look forward to working with women leaders throughout the country and the world as together we face the challenges of an ever-changing global economy and society.”

The Executive Board of the Women’s Legislative Network is made up of a president, president-elect, vice president, past president, eight regional members, two at-large members, and a representative from the National Order of Black Elected Legislative Women. See below for the complete list of the 2011-2012 board.

Executive Board Members


President. Representative Marilyn Lee, Democrat, Hawaii
President-Elect. Senator Dori Connor, Republican, Delaware
Vice President. Senator Amanda McGill, Nonpartisan, Nebraska.
Past President. Representative Rosie Berger, Republican, Wyoming.


Eastern. Senator Diane Allen, Republican, New Jersey.
Eastern. Senator Harriette Chandler, Democrat, Massachusetts.
Midwestern. Senator Jean Leising, Republican, Indiana.
Midwestern. Representative Shirley Meyer, Democrat, North Dakota.
Southern. Representative Linda Harper-Brown, Republican, Texas.
Southern. Representative Johnnie Roebuck, Democrat, Arkansas.
Western. Senator Bettye Davis, Democrat, Alaska.
Western. Representative Amy Stephens, Republican, Colorado.


At Large. Representative Sharon Beasley-Teague, Democrat, Georgia.
At Large. Senator Nellie Rivera-O’Reilly, Independent, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Senator Sharon Weston Broome, Democrat, Louisiana.

NCSL is the bipartisan organization that serves the legislators and staff of the states, commonwealths and territories. It provides research, technical assistance and opportunities for policymakers to exchange ideas on the most pressing state issues and is an effective and respected advocate for the interests of the states in the American federal system.

Submitted by Georgette Deemer, Director of Communications, Hawaii House of Representatives





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