Rep. Pine Urges Queen’s to Expedite Restoration of Emergency Room Services at HMC-West Facility

Kym Pine
Kym Pine

REPORT FROM REP. KYM PINE – Rep. Kymberly Marcos Pine issued the following statement in response to today’s announcement that The Queen’s Medical Center has been approved to purchase the former Hawaii Medical Center-West facility:

“It is great news for the Leeward Coast that the process is moving forward to resume medical care to the hospital. I welcome Queen’s to our community and look forward to the new owners restoring services as quickly as is safely possible. For the sake of our people, I ask Queen’s to do everything in its power to especially expedite the process of reopening the facility’s emergency room portion. The Leeward Coast simply can’t afford another year of compromised emergency services.”

The Queen’s Medical Center announced earlier this month that it plans to have the entire facility reopened in August 2013.

In January, Rep. Pine took part in a legislative hearing chaired by Senator Josh Green regarding the hospital closure, during which Hawaii Pacific Health pledged that it would move to reopen the emergency room immediately if it were to be the purchaser of the facility. She urges The Queen’s Medical Center to make the same pledge.




  1. Pine’s comment is the typical politician’s mentaility regarding major decisions that have to be made in establishing a major hospital. I guess the problem is too large for her to grasp for her to understand that emergency room services represent just a small segment of the the overall operation of a hospital.

    Pine, back off, and let Queen’s go about their business in starting up the hospital in an orderly manner instead of rail roalding them into hasty decisions. Where were you went the prior hospital management was in trouble? Do your campaigning using some other “needy” problem area. Say, maybe taking up the problem that “Mufi’s train” is waaaay tooo expensive for the citizens of Oahu to pay for?

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