Reports: TSA Probes Pilot Critical of Airport Security

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News reports say a U.S. pilot is under federal investigation for posting to the website,YouTube videos critical of security at San Francisco International Airport.

The Associated Press cites Don Werno, the attorney representing the unnamed pilot, as saying the Transportation Security Administration is looking into whether sensitive information was revealed. The AP also reports that in some videos, ground crews swiped security cards and entered secure areas without undergoing any screening.


Werno says his client was upset about what he feels is lax security for ground crews, while passengers are subjected to intense screening. The pilot removed the videos after he was asked to do so.

The pilot works for a major airline and was part of a program, known as the Federal Flight Deck Officer program, that trains flight crews to help prevent hijackings. He is no longer part of that program, which allows pilots to carry a weapon on board an aircraft.

The TSA issued a statement saying federal flight deck officers must be able to maintain sensitive security information as a condition of the program. It did not elaborate.