Republicans, Conservatives Taking Wrong Approach to Fighting for War

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Have you notice that whenever there is talk of war, the conservative/Republican response (when they propose action) is to accuse the liberal/Democrat wing of being pacifist and unwilling to fight for our freedom?

Generally, in the world of political hyperbole, Republicans push for greater growth in a police state while Democrats seek largess in a welfare state.


As a person who is shell-shocked at the multitude of suggestions of increase in what is already an obese government, I am confused by the rhetoric of Republicans that claim allegiance to the principle that small is better, except of course in crisis.

Iraq may be a remote threat to my safety and freedom, but how will I ever know for certain as long as the U.S. government (renowned for its bureaucratic malfeasance, misrepresentation, excessive cost, and forever changing policy in all functions) is in charge of my security and doing such a bang-up job? Does anyone remember that the FAA was in charge on 9/11? Oh and by the way, why worry about Iraq threatening our freedom, when Homeland Security Law has circumvented our Bill of Rights?

I love America. I have a trust issue with its government. At least the Democrats don’t ask for my children’s lives when they wage war against poverty. Either way, welfare or warfare, after the legislation, government doesn’t ask, it takes.

”’Guy Monahan is a resident of Aiea and a board member with the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii. He can be reached via email at:”’