Republicans Should Be Outraged Over Governor’s Trip to Japan

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Where is the outrage by Republican Legislators at the use of taxpayer dollars to pay for KITV 4’s trip? If former Gov. Ben Cayetano, a Democrat, did the same thing, what would be their position?

Do you think they would defend Ben?


No way, my former colleagues would rake him over the coals … and rightly so. From what I can gather, Hawaii Republicans are actually defending Lingle’s actions … unbelievable. What hypocrites. However, I do understand that some of them afraid to speak the truth about this malfeasance.

I know that if one of them said anything negative about Lingle, that vindictive woman would punish them. Believe me, I know first hand how she can engage in retribution for an honest disagreement. What is totally repulsive about the whole issue is that Lingle is now “doing a Clinton” and trying to spin that it was the media’s fault for not covering her … make that the story … not the taxpayer funded KITV 4 trip. Quite frankly, I am surprised that her communications people actually thought that no one would ever notice who paid KITV 4’s bill. Either they are totally arrogant, or it is indeed armature hour on the 5th floor. What she should do is admit the mistake. They screwed up. Simple. The public would understand. Instead, they have become no better than those they replaced. Sad.

”’Bob McDermott is a former lawmaker who gave up his seat in 2002 in the House of Representatives to run for U.S. Congress – a race he lost. Mr. McDermott can be reached via email at:”’