Riding on the ‘Hate Bush’ Train-Self-Proclaimed ‘Peace Mom’ Cindy Sheehan Focuses Spotlight on Herself and Her Political Enemies, Not Her Heroic Son Casey and Others Fighting for America

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“Cindy Sheehan Centered”

I was expecting more from Cindy Sheehan, the self proclaimed “peace mom” who spoke last night at the Church of the Crossroads in Honolulu.


More focus on her son, Army Spc. Casey A. Sheehan, who died in 2004 fighting for his country in Iraq — he is the person she says inspired her to tour the country and share her controversial anti-Iraq war views with the nation and even the president himself.

More talk of who her son was and what he stood for, rather than who she is and what she thinks about politics, politicians, war and weapons.

More polish in her presentation — after all she says she