Roadmap Red Herring-Is it Too Much to Ask the Arabs to Stop Blowing up Jews?

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Is it too much to ask the Arabs to stop blowing up Jews? The absence of this concept from the Palestinian “Roadmap” Peace talks, might make one think so. This small matter of exploding Jews is the central question to the entire issue. Not far, one might wager, from the mind of Ariel Sharon.

Tony Blair is the most recent “Peace” architect. He needs to bolster his “Internationalist” credentials. As a giveaway artist of British sovereignty, he now seeks to do the same for Israel and the United States.


Whenever there is a Republican win, left wing media begin to probe for soft spots. In the post Iraq war period, the “Palestinian Peace Process,” is such a tidbit. We are supposed to believe Western Civilization will end unless this matter is immediately resolved. Without, mind you, any mention of the central issue; Palestinian mass murder.

There is no example of doublethink or newspeak from 1984 that can equal the misnaming of the