Get Your Entrepreneurial Game On


by Carleen MacKay ::  Rob Kinslow

Entrepreneurs are risk-takers and business daredevils whose innovation is re-forming the backbone of our nation’s prosperity. The story of an entrepreneur is one who is able to efficiently and doggedly follow the following process:

  1. First, s(he) must be able to identify and start a business venture,
  2. Second, source and organize the required resources, and
  3. Last, take both the risks and rewards associated with the venture to its success, or failure.

company-973950_1920Innovation: It may be truthfully claimed that “we ain’t seen nothing yet” as thousands of people are diligently striving to bring life changing products and services to market. Most are doing things the world needs for the right reasons; for the benefits they bring to others, to stretch, to learn and to challenge themselves.

Take a few moments to note where some of the best – but not always well-known – products that make a difference to our lives are found.


For Seniors: From innovative technologies that help seniors, families and caregivers stay in touch to “anywhere you are ‘help’ buttons”, new products and services are emerging to help seniors stay active, fit and independent.

In Health Care: The robots have risen! Whether in surgery or to help the disabled; to comfort the lonely or to change lives…it is an astonishing time for robots. (Read “The Rise of the Robots” if you want to know more. You will soon see that you can fill pages about the many ways robots help us to live better and healthier lives.)

In Energy: How low can YOU go in your energy footprint? How would you know if you were using less energy? Well, mobile app developers and integrated home data measurement systems are disrupting the way one uses and measures energy in our daily lives. Entrepreneurs with Pono Home and corporates like Johnson Controls in Hawaii, are examples of such disruptors. The Energy Excelerator and Blue Startups show us that first stage investors are also interested in funding this space. XLR8UH, developed by the University of Hawaii and investment firm Sultan Ventures, is a program that educates and invests in companies created by UH students, researchers, faculty and alumni.

india-413111_1920In Education: How early is “early enough” to begin to inspire and teach our children to prepare for new and different futures? First grade?

Well… yes. Our youngest are playing with “robotic” toys and learning to code or communicate with machines. Millennials are inspiring high-school seniors to reach for the benefits of careers that make use of new machine technologies. Go ahead, lookup the Playbook for Teens on Amazon and enjoy a dose of inspiration by young people who care about your children’s futures.

So, how about your career? Do you know how you will work, when will you work, and if you will work in this new era? Are you a GenX’er? Millennial? Well, before you know it, your skills will be out of date as we are seeing millions of under-employed boomers and early genx’ers losing touch with the speed of innovation, forced into menial jobs or onto government assistance living lives of desperate depression.

women-1315239_1920The old world of “jobs” is giving way to exciting new entrepreneurial ways to work; many of which you may never have imagined!

The future belongs to the curious, the brave, and the forward-thinking. Do you have the timing, focus and the ability to get things done? Then, create your destiny by aligning with emerging market-driven opportunities.

Get your entrepreneurial game on! Why not learn more about the future?

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