Selling in the 21st Century

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Are you a natural sales person or does selling take concentrated effort? Whether you’re a sales professional or a business owner who sells, you’ll appreciate the challenge one of my clients recently shared with me.

Sandi started working with me to assist in accelerating her transition from an unenjoyable, dead-end job to a career she can really be passionate about. She loves people, has an excellent listening style and really wants to get into professional sales. But Sandi has a common challenge. Here’s how she put it: “I graduated from college with a degree in business administration, yet I was never trained in sales. Who’s going to call me for an interview if I don’t have training or extensive experience in the sales field I’m pursuing?” Sandi asked.


Sales education is often the role of the business or company doing the hiring. But all too often the bulk of “training” sales people receive simply includes information about the company, its products or services, and a few strategies or scripts on the company sales system. Rarely is there much talk about the motivation or the psychological aspects of selling — the most critical components in the success of a top producer in any industry. Is it any wonder why we have so many frustrated sales representatives struggling to make ends meet?

”It’s a Matter of Choice, And it Starts With Your Attitude”

If you are going to excel in sales, you must know that your job exists to help other people do their jobs better, make their days more enjoyable or enjoy their lives more fully. This type of attitude is easier to attain when you look at the traits the most successful sales people share.

”Top Sales Performers are those who:”

*1. Are confident about their own sales ability.

*2. Believe in their company’s product or service.

*3. Are expert communicators (they ask questions about the needs of their clients and ”’listen”’ before they even think about asking for the sale.)

*4. Know that it’s not a “numbers game,” rather it’s a relationship game.

*5. Know the goal of every sales encounter is not “Closing” the sale; rather it’s to guide the other person to the next step and honestly ensure it’s the right fit.

*6. Take pride in being a sales professional (they truly believe they fill one of the most valuable roles for serving the needs of people.)

*7. Are committed to continuously learning and increasing their sales skills by reading, taking TeleClasses and role-playing with their coach/supervisor/team members in order to perfect their skills.

”Coaching Corner:” How many books, tapes, CDs, Seminars or TeleClasses focused on building your sales and communication skills do you learn from every month? Do you use your car as a “University on Wheels,” listening to educational tapes/CD’s? Or are you relying on traditional sales methods that worked a century ago?

Don’t rely on the same old sales training from decades ago to get you by. The business climate has changed radically and will continue to change. In today’s technology focused world, effective communication and relationship building are paramount for your success. Don’t risk being left in the past. Step up to 21st Century learning and get engaged in the most advanced TeleCourses, workshops and audio books you can find.

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