Senate Candidate John Carroll Calls For Multiple Debates

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HONOLULU, January 3, 2012 – The following statement was released by U.S. Senate candidate John S. Carroll.

John Carroll has called for the four major candidates for the U.S. Senate to engage in multiple public debates, so the people of Hawaii can understand their positions on key issues. Carroll’s campaign will be contacting various media sponsors and the opposing candidates to issue the challenge and encourage scheduling a comprehensive series of debates.


“The candidates owe this to the people,” said Carroll. “In this era of tightly scripted public relations, packaged candidates, and massive paid media advertising, it would be refreshing and informative to see the candidates for who they really are in a series of live, spontaneous debates.”

Carroll thinks that the upcoming election to replace the retiring Senator Daniel Akaka is too important to be simply bought by the highest bidder. His campaign has proposed a schedule of public debates featuring Carroll and his primary opponent, Linda Lingle.

“The more the better,” added Carroll. “Linda and I disagree on a number of issues and she shouldn’t be allowed to simply dodge subjects she’d rather not talk about.”

Carroll has charged Lingle with being a RINO (Republican In Name Only) who splits from Republicans on many of their core conservative positions.

Carroll has also encouraged all four of the major Senatorial candidates, namely Case, Hirono, Carroll and Lingle, to also engage in cross-party debates.

“Because of Hawaii’s open primary, people can vote in either primary so, it would be a huge service for the voters to see all of candidates together, exchanging ideas,” added Carroll.


Elect John Carroll to the U.S. Senate.