Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Endorses Mufi Hannemann For Congress

U.S. Senator Harry Reid and Mufi Hannemann
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U.S. Senator Harry Reid and Mufi Hannemann

REPORT FROM MUFI HANNEMANN’S CONGRESSIONAL CAMPAIGN – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid today announced his endorsement of Democrat Mufi Hannemann for U.S. House from Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District Seat.

Reid stated, “Congress needs leaders like Mufi Hannemann.  Mufi and I go back many years. I worked with Mufi and Senator Akaka to help save Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. I worked with Mufi and Senator Inouye on infrastructure funding and strengthening tourism across the country. We share goals for a better America.”


Reid concluded, “Mufi’s record of achievement, experience, and relationships in Washington, D.C., would make him an invaluable member of our team on Capitol Hill—and I’m very excited about welcoming him to Congress.”

Hannemann said, “I’m very grateful for the support of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. His endorsement is a validation of my message that Hawaii needs an experienced leader who can hit the ground running through his effective working relationships in Washington, D.C.”

Hannemann continued, “With only two members in the U.S. House, Hawaii needs a representative who can ‘carry the ball’ when important bills are sent over from the Senate. If elected, I will work closely with Senator Reid and other Congressional leaders to improve the economy, strengthen education, protect Social Security and Medicare, and get the job done for the people of Hawaii.”