Serving the Community and Taking Action




Whomever is elected to represent Council District One, has four neighborhood boards to interact with – the Ewa Neighborhood Board, the Kapolei-Makakilo-Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board, the Nanakuli-Maili Neighborhood Board, and the Waianae Neighborhood Board.

Berg’s attendance record for all four neighborhood boards combined is at over 90%, and this means Berg himself is in attendance at all four board meetings month after month to give a report and not relying on aides to fill in for him.

Pine on the other hand, has only one board to go to – and that’s the Ewa Neighborhood Board. Her attendance rate over the last eight years is less than 25% and most often, she does not even send a staff member to the meetings leaving the community with no representation. She attended three meetings in all of 2011, and only two thus far in 2012.

Some five Ewa Neighborhood Board meetings ago, the Ewa Neighborhood Board requested from all its State elected officials, that they come to the next meeting and disclose what bills they introduced as the First Primary Introducer – meaning they were to bring a list of the bills they wrote and subsequently introduced that had passed into law. Pine refused to answer and caused the meeting to be adjourned in her objections to revealing the truth about her record and missed the next three meetings to date. Pine will not disclose the information the board asked from her and she refuses to allow the matter to be discussed.


Pine would not attend this year’s Ewa Beach Community Association Candidate Forum and was a no-show. This was a public forum for the audience to ask candidates questions directly, such as what their record of accomplishments truly were. Pine has been on the radio this campaign season and promoted herself in other media formats that she has authored over 100 bills that became law, which is a complete lie.

Pine also refused to attend and participate in the Nanakuli Candidate Forum this year and was a no-show. If Pine were asked, “Name the one bill you introduced as the First Primary Introducer that passed into law – what is the bill number?” Pine would not be able to answer. Pine claims to have spearheaded anti-crime legislation, cyber-crime legislation, and illegal dumping legislation, of which not one bill has her name on it that passed.


Pine is a Republican and the facilitator of the 2009 Tea-Party Rally held at the State Capitol. Other Republicans have gotten numerous bills passed into law that they wrote and introduced while Pine could not. Pine was unable to work with Democrats, and even her own party. Pine voted in favor of ACT 55 and also SB755 that were deemed as the most harmful measures to Hawaii that stand to erode environmental laws in the guise to promote rail development and sell out our public lands to insiders without public hearings.

Berg continues to get more legislation passed for his district even though he stands alone objecting to the rail project. Berg is a hit and considered the most successful, hardest working member on the council.


Friends of Tom Berg