So the 2010 Governor’s Race Begins

Duke Aiona
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Duke Aiona

By Dutch Hanohano

Today’s announcement that another potential opponent has entered the race for Governor, Mufi Hannemann, is not really news, but it does reaffirm the high stakes in this campaign.


We’re talking about someone who’s constantly searching for the limelight, someone who’s leaving office early for political gain, someone who may jump ship again in 2012, someone who has gone to great lengths to sell the public on a $6 billion mass transit project that has yet to break ground, and someone who has practically gloated about raising the cost of living for our families on Oahu.

Our citizens don’t need him. Hawaii can’t afford him.

Either one of our potential opponents would raise the cost of living for our working families.

They are two peas of the same pod.

With 90 percent of our State Legislature dominated by one party, the last thing we need is a rubber stamp in the Governor’s Office.

Balance is key to effective government, but we need your help to combat the upcoming wave of TV and radio ads and the public relations machine that is being funded by big money special interests.

Duke Aiona is running for Governor to ensure balance, integrity and accountability in state government while reducing the financial burden on our working families and small businesses, creating jobs and investing in the quality of our education system so all of Hawaii’s children have a brighter future.

Dutch Hanohano is the Campaign Manager for Friends of Duke Aiona





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