Stars and Stripes “Heroes” Salutes Military Courage and Sacrifice

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Washington, D.C. (MMD Newswire) – Stars and Stripes, editorially independent news source of the U.S. military, will distribute its “Heroes” supplement beginning on June 14th (Flag Day) to honor those soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who have been recognized for valor in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The special section tells the stories of remarkable individuals-not all of them active-duty military-who have shown tremendous courage in the face of daunting circumstances. In telling just some of the many stories of heroism and sacrifice, we believe _Heroes’ also pays tribute to all the men and women in uniform who selflessly serve their country with honor and courage in places where most people would fear to tread,” said
Terry Leonard, Stars and Stripes editorial director.


Publisher Max D. Lederer Jr., said, “This is the 6th year for the publication of _Heroes,’ an annual tribute to the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces. Stars and Stripes is privileged to continue telling a few stories of the many who serve with remarkable courage and a degree of self sacrifice few of us will ever know.

“In partnership with the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation, Stars and Stripes _Heroes’ relates the experience of a few warfighters, who stand as surrogates for thousands of others whose valor is equally inspiring. All Americans owe the women and men of the Armed Forces a debt of gratitude for their daily sacrifice. The open society in which Americans live and work is possible because members of the Armed Forces
leave the safety and comfort of their homes and family to protect us all. Stars and Stripes’ role is to tell the story credibly of all
who have put their lives on the line for our country. _Heroes’ is our way of saluting the honor and dedication of our military men
and women,” Lederer continued.

“Heroes” will be published in the European, Pacific and Middle East editions of Stars and Stripes beginning June 14 and distributed subsequently in multiple locations in the United States, including military base newspapers and Department of Defense schools located in the United States and abroad.

Thanks to support from The Boeing Company, distribution this year will exceed 1.63 million copies. Delivery to key outlets in the nation’s capital includes Capitol Hill, where House and Senate members will receive a number of hand-delivered copies; along the K Street “power corridor” and business community, and in The Washington Post.

Following its publication in print, an enhanced version of “Heroes” will be available online at the Stars and Stripes