Steve O More Than Just a Funny Guy; Uses Fame to Help Animals

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BY JENNIFER O’CONNOR – Thanks for your great piece on the one and only Steve-O.

But may I point out how much charitable work the vegan comedian has done on behalf of animals?


Not only has he denounced the cruel treatment of animals in the Ringling Bros. Circus, Steve has teamed with PETA to perform and appear in provocativequirky, and serious ads that send messages decrying the use of fur and other animal skins in fashion.

He’s let students know that they can refuse to cut up the bodies of dead animals in dissection labs.

He’s used his public appearances as opportunities to speak up for animals who are in trouble, including leading a protest outside Canada’s Edmonton Valley Zoo, which keeps an old and ailing elephant, Lucy, in isolation.

He calls himself a jackass, but for the animals, he’s a hero.

Jennifer O’Connor is a Staff Writer for the PETA Foundation in Norfolk, VA