Supporting Barack Obama’s Strong Stand for Marriage Equality

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Tulsi Gabbard
Tulsi Gabbard

BY TULSI GABBARD – I congratulate President Barack Obama for taking a strong stand today on marriage equality for all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation. I understand his journey, and stand with him on this issue.

This is why in Congress I will work for the repeal of DOMA and support and co-sponsor the Respect for Marriage Act.


During my deployment to the Middle East with the Hawai’i National Guard in 2004 I realized that I could not, in good conscience, fight for liberty and freedom overseas while advocating something less than that here at home.

That was an important decision for me and, in that context, I fully recognize the significance of the president’s announcement today.  Protecting the civil rights of all Americans is an obligation we must strive to fulfill.  It’s critical that we support President Obama and stand with him now more than ever so our progress on these issues cannot be overturned by extremist Republican presidents and Members of Congress.

Mufi Hannemann has past used Obama’s previous position to validate his own opposition to marriage equality and equal rights for all Americans regardless of sexual orientation.

My position remains firmly that same-sex couples should be afforded all benefits, privileges, and rights that the government grants to heterosexual couples.

I call on Mufi Hannemann to state clearly his position, and to state whether or not he will support the marriage equality act and work to repeal DOMA to ensure equal treatment under the law for all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation.

 Tulsi Gabbard is a Honolulu city council member and a candidate for Congress District 2





  1. Mahalo to Tulsi Gabbard for standing up for marriage rights for all! Although it’s taken some time, I too am happy President Obama has finally made the right choice by coming out in favor of marriage rights for everyone.

  2. Tulsi Gabbard is the right candidate to fill the Congressional seat of Patsy Mink; just as Patsy Mink worked for equality and justice, so will Tulsi Gabbard.

  3. I doubt Mufi Hannemann will clearly state his position, since he’s known for duplicity. Even if he did state his position now, it wouldn’t have any meaning if we was elected to office.

  4. For the record, there is no such person as Lana Michaels. This is an on-line *troll* created solely to make the public think that Tulsi has supporters. Now, I’m sure Tulsi DOES have supporters, so it’s sad that her campaign has to engage in this kind of juvenile media manipulation. Go ahead and Google [“Lana Michaels” + Hawaii] and you’ll find that this is a “on-line only person” created to shill for Tulsi. Every time the name shows up, it’s in an online comment praising Tulsi or bashing Tulsi’s opponent in the Congressional race, Mufi.

  5. If you want to accuse me of being a “troll”, please at least use your real name. I just googled [“Recce” + Hawaii] and you are not a real person! If you don’t like someone’s commenting an an issue or you disagree, just say so, but please don’t make baseless attacks.

  6. ‘extremist Republican presidents and Members of Congress’? If they represent their constituency, why would they be called extremists? Who is Tulsi, anyway? From the article, it looks like something written by a total extremist with wording like ‘all benefits, privileges, and rights’ and ‘in Congress I will work for the repeal of DOMA’. That’s an extremist position, since DOMA was passed by a great majority in Congress and signed by the then current President. Is Ex-President Clinton and extremist, therefore? Also, now 32 States have passed voter initiatives with the rational definition of marriage. Who is the extremist? Changing the strong definition of marriage, and replacing it with an irrational definition to placate a relatively few is what’s extreme. Equality is already. Every adult has the same exact choices regarding individual and partnership rights. It is not at all like the Civil Rights movement, unless, of course, you bias does not allow you to think, anymore.

  7. Note that ‘Recce’ is not a Proper Noun, so it is dumb to do a search on such cryptic keyword. It is not intended to imply a real name, like Lana Michaels. Who can know? Who cares? So, there’s a pattern. Big deal. Can we get back to reality?

  8. Everyone should be treated equally under the law. People have different viewpoints on this issue so no one should be forced to conform to the other side’s viewpoints. Churches, mosques and other institutions can guide their followers on this issue – but in general society people should be able to choose for themselves.

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