Taking Issue With HawaiiReporter.com’s Coverage

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Hello, as a center-of-the-road political person who reads the HawaiiReporter for news, I would like to point out that one of the things I find particularly distasteful are the non-factual rants I periodically see on the sight.

Most recently it has been the carrying on about the Honolulu Advertiser’s poll, which surveyed 603 people. I am sure there is a statistical basis for the selection of approximately 603 people as a random sample. Whether the question was asked in a unbiased manner is another matter, I believe the phrasing was intended to encourage yes answers. Your act of drawing conclusions between of the Hawaii Reporter’s periodic polls, which are even worse than the Advertiser’s since your sample is not random, and the Advertiser’s is tiresome and ridiculous.


Another example was all the comments added into the text of the mayor’s address. Text added to point out incorrect statements are a useful item, but you filled that speech with ridiculous commentary, which was as tiresome as the speech.

Most of the news analysis, which seems accurate, though right leaning, I find interesting and well done.

You may want to point out to readers that Gov. Lingle, whom I admire, quoted a survey of 700 people in an article on the establishment of individual school boards in Friday’s Star-Bulletin.

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