Tastiest Breakfast in Hawaii? Food Network Magazine Says That’s at Eggs ‘n Things

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Breakfast always tastes particularly good when someone else makes it. So, for the July/August issue, Food Network Magazine travelled to every state in the country, looking for the one breakfast you just have to try.


Some breakfasts were chosen because they’re classics and others because they’re outrageous. One thing is guaranteed, each one is worth the trip.

Food Network Magazine’s list of 50 Breakfasts 50 States:

STATE                 BREAKFAST                           RESTAURANT

Alabama              Eggs Mauvila                           Café 615, Mobile

Alaska                 Reindeer Sausage Omelet       Gwennie’s Old Alaska Restaurant

Arizona                The Over Easy                         Over Easy

Arkansas             Banana Pancakes                    The Pancake Shop

California             Fantastic French Toast             Marston’s Restaurant

Colorado              Breakfast Burrito                      King’s Chef Diner

Connecticut         The Portuguese Fisherman        Kitchen Little

Delaware             Sausage Sandwich                   Helen’s Famous Sausage House

Florida                Philadelphia Scrapple                Skyway Jack’s

Georgia               HabersHam and Eggs               B. Matthew’s Eatery

Hawaii                 Ahi Steak and Eggs                  Eggs ‘n Things

Idaho                  Oatmeal Soufflé                       Red Feather Lounge

Illinois                 Vegetarian Scrapple                  Ina’s

Indiana                Paxton’s Potatoes                    Village Deli

Iowa                    Our Famous Pancake               Grove Café

Kansas                Buenos Dias Frittata                The Chef

Kentucky             French Toast                           Lynn’s Paradise Café

Louisiana             Got Boudin? Omelet                 Café Des Amis

Maine                  Fresh Buttermilk Pancakes       Boyton-McKay Food Co.

Maryland              Shirley’s Affair with Oscar        Miss Shirley’s Café

Massachusetts     Doughnut                                Craigie on Main

Michigan              The Cowboy Curtis                   The Fly Trap: A Finer Diner

Minnesota            Pastrami & Egg                       Be’wiched Deli

Mississippi           Beignets                                 Triplett-Day Drug Company Soda Fountain

Missouri              Rooster Slinger                         Rooster

Montana               Haystack                               Goode’s Q & Bayou Grill

Nebraska             Belgain Waffle                          Petrow’s Restaurant

Nevada                Cowpoke Quiche                     Dish Café

New Hampshire    Littleton Buckwheat Pancakes  The Littleton Diner

New Jersey          The Slider                                Summit Diner

New Mexico         Atole Piñon Hotcakes              Tecolote Café

New York             Poached Eggs with Curried Lentils     The Breslin

Yoghurt and Cilantro

North Carolina      Fried Chicken Biscuit                Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen

North Dakota        Rancher Skillet                       Kroll’s Diner

Ohio                    Cinnamon Rolls                       Omega Artisan Baking

Oklahoma            Steak and Eggs                      Cattlemen’s Steakhouse

Oregon                Triple Berry Toast                     Green Salmon Coffee House

Pennsylvania       Strawberry Hotcakes                 Pamela’s P&G Diner

Rhode Island        Johnnycakes                          Jigger’s Diner

South Carolina      Fried Green Tomatoes/Shrimp       Marina Variety Store Restaurant

South Dakota       Buffalo Steak Tips and Eggs     Blue Bell Lodge at Custer State Park Resort

Tennessee           Tennessee “Jack” Egg Sandwich The Capitol Grille

Texas                  Reggie’s Weekend Special       Torres Taco Haven

Utah                    Sill’s Famous Scone                Sill’s Café

Vermont               Penny Cluse                           Penny Cluse Café

Virginia                California Huevos Ranchero       Kuba Kuba

Washington          Corned Beef Mash                   The Braeburn Restaurant

Washington DC    Fried Chicken, Eggs and Waffles  Founding Fathers

West Virginia        He-Man Breakfast                     The Poky Dot Diner

Wisconsin            Swedish Pancakes                   Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant & Butik

Wyoming             Chicken-Fried Steak, Eggs and Potatoes                Sherri’s Place

Results of the July/August Online Reader Poll on Breakfast:

Pancake or Waffles?

56% Pancakes

44% Waffles

Bagels or Doughnuts?

59% Bagels

41% Doughnuts

Your Take on Coffee:

51% with cream & sugar

25% black

18% with Cream

6% with Sugar

You Like Your Eggs:

49% Fried

36% Scrambled

15% Poached

Your Like Your Toast:

60% Wheat

21% White

19% Rye

Submitted by Sara Crabbe, Senior Manager at Hearst Magazines