Tax Bills Aren’t Dead Until Legislature Adjourns

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Hey folks. Don’t be fooled by our legislators into thinking that the tax
increase proposals are dead. Sure, technically those bills identified as
vehicles for tax increases may be dead … we are talking about the bills
to increase the general excise tax (HB 510 SD2) and the bill to give
counties the ability to levy a 1 percent sales tax (HB 1554 SD2). Those bill
numbers may be dead. …

However, if you are not familiar with the legislative process, these tax
increase proposals could resurface in another bill during the conference
committee process, which is what the Legislature is now going through.


Legislators can change a bill shortly before it reaches a floor vote or
even amend a bill on the floor (very unlikely) to include previously
dead tax increase verbiage.

Remember too that there are two bills still alive that call for a
”’payroll deduction tax”’ (aka Vicky Care — SB 1088 and HB 1616) to finance
a state run, long-term care program. Should this onerous bill pass, it
will impact every wage earner in Hawaii from the age of 25 to 99 with a
monthly deduction that will cost us hundreds every year. It is another
way for government to penalize you for your productivity.

Keep calling, faxing and emailing your legislators to tell them not to
pass this bill. Your wallet is hurting enough. We certainly don’t need
to flush more of our income into the coffers of state government.

There is only one certainty. Tax increase bills are dead only when the
Legislature adjourns. That date is tentatively set for May 1st. If
NO NEW TAXES are passed, then we can all breathe with a sigh of relief.

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