Tea Party Momentum is Alive and Strong in Hawaii

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BY DONNA SWEERE – This stirring You Tube video of the Fourth of July Rally produced by the Kona Tea Party is a recent tribute to the determination of the four active tea parties on the Big Island and Maui as they mobilize to change the political face of the nation in November.


Cam Cavasso, candidate for U.S. Senate, John Willoughby, candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in the 2nd Congressional District and Enock Freire, candidate for Big Island County Council District #7 participated in the rally.

The Kona Tea Party, West Hawaii Patriots and Hilo Tea Party on the Big Island and the Maui Tea Party on Maui are not affiliated with any political party but actively promote candidates who support Constitutionally Conservative common sense goals.

Tea Parties support candidates who have pledged to term limits and who have signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge.  Since the unsustainable debt for each family in America is now $668,220 and growing, candidates must agree to end wasteful earmarks, bailouts of mismanaged businesses and remove the suffocating pillow on private business that prevents any possibility of a robust economic recovery.

Even though Bush is still blamed after a year and a half, we all know that the last four years of the Bush administration contained a majority Democratic congress that held the purse strings, wrote the budget and presided over the financial meltdown.

While 8 million private-sector jobs have disappeared, the number of public-sector job losses is near zero.  The size of the government has increased four-fold and government salaries are almost three times the amount of those in the private sector. Smaller, more efficient government is not just a passing fancy.  Parties of the left are being defeated in Europe as well as the United States.

Recent election upsets are proof that voters will not continue to feed the insatiable government monster.  Tea Parties have their fingers on the pulse of the nation and polls show that Americans trust the Tea Party more than they trust any political party.

Donna Sweere is with the Kailua Kona Tea Party. See more at konateaparty.com