Thanks for Your Support

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Mahalo to everyone who voted in the Congressional election.
A special thank you to those who voted for me and supported
me. Additionally, thank you to those in the 1st
Congressional district who were supportive in this election.

There are many reasons to be thankful. I am honored to
have the opportunity to serve in the state Legislature in
these great and changing times. Mahalo to everyone who
supported me for my re-election.


Congratulations to the winner Ed Case.

The race for Congress was a wonderful 50-day adventure for
me. Several campaigns for Congress had already been established statewide for months before I entered this contest. While I was an underdog in this race from the start, the opportunity to interact with people from all of the islands was very rewarding. Hawaii is a great place and its people are wonderful.

I will be working hard for you in the state Legislature, which opens in just 9 days. Please reach me regarding any of your concerns. Mahalo Nui Loa.

”’Chris Halford is a Republican state representative of Maui who ran for Congress in the Jan. 4 special election.”’