The Courage to Change Hawaii’s Education System is Key to Success of Next Generation

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Let’s put the issue of switching to local school boards to a vote by the people of Hawaii, as House Bill 2331 calls for. Enough partisan politics, bickering and bureaucracy already.

It’s shameful that currently only $0.50 of every tax dollar we spend on education reaches the classroom.


I trust folks will have enough common sense to make the right decision.

As a graduate of Stanford University (BSEE 1984), a former Silicon Valley executive, and now one of America’s leading experts on high-tech rapid product development, who lives on Maui and consults to companies world-wide, I owe my meteoric success to my education. I came from poor, humble beginnings, raised as the son of a lower middle class University of Michigan professor.

Let’s give today’s kids the opportunity to advance, too.

Like many others, I’m convinced that the education system in Hawaii is broken. We here in paradise should be a shining light unto all the rest of the states, not the bottom of the barrel, as our test scores repeatedly indicate.

I believe Governor Lingle’s proposals have as good a shot as any at remedying the situation. After all, studies have supported local school boards for 2 decades. If implemented, $0.90 of each dollar will reach the classroom. Wow, what a difference.

Regardless, I hope our legislators will find the wisdom to at least let the people participate in this long-reaching decision.

The time to act is ”’now,”’ or our children and grandchildren and
great-grandchildren will not forgive us.

May Courage be with us.

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