The Courage To Change

Audrey and Ed Case
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Audrey and Ed Case

BY CONGRESSMAN ED CASE (D-HAWAII, 2002-2007) – Every election in one way or another is a referendum on the status quo versus change.

On whether to continue as things are or seek a better way forward.


Your choice in the Democratic primary tomorrow for our next United States Senator is all of that.

In that election, some change is certain.

You will be choosing our next junior Senator, and you are likely choosing our next senior Senator.

The question is who will provide strong effective leadership for Hawai’i and our country.

Who will get the job of the Senator from Hawai’i done, over the next generation.

But beyond that, the Democratic primary election tomorrow asks you to choose between the status quo and change.

It asks you to decide whether you think DC is working today or whether it is broken and must be fixed.

And it asks you to decide whether the political culture of Hawai’i is working for all or whether we can and must do better.

We do not accept the way things are.

We believe there is a better way forward, that it is up to us to reclaim and chart our course.

We believe in change that’s honest with us, preserves our values and meets the challenges of today and tomorrow.

We believe that the status quo isn’t working today and won’t work tomorrow, and that only with change in DC and at home can we achieve what we must.

From all of our Case for Hawai’i ‘ohana, join us tomorrow in the courage to change. It’s our future.

I ask for your vote.