The Moral Case for Use of Force to Disarm Iraq

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The other day we watched as the Iraqi people pulled down a statue of Saddam Hussein in downtown Baghdad. We watched as they dragged the head of that statue through the streets of that city which has for so long been under the tyranny of this madman. We watched as children used their shoes to hit posters of the now deposed ruler of Iraq.

We were able to watch these things because when it mattered Americans did not stand by and watch but got involved. We saw a compelling reason to take up arms in defense of world peace and security against an evil man with weapons of mass destruction.


In recent weeks, and even now while we speak, we hear and read of people who say that the use of force is never justified, that war is never morally acceptable, and that our very presence there is evil.

They protest. They march. But in the end they do nothing to oppose a man who has murdered his own citizens, a man who celebrated the 9/11 attack and who is amassing weapons of mass destruction to use against the “infidels of America.”

It is clear that believers of all faith agree that war was never part of God’s plan. All was perfect in the beginning — whether by Christian, Jewish or Muslim theology. Before that, all was idyllic in the universe, at least until Lucifer sinned. Then there was war in heaven, and Lucifer was expelled