The New Media Gets Organized-Can it Challenge the Traditional Media?

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In a growing trend of increasing organization and
consolidation within the new-media, a new company has been formed which brings together grass roots writers, journalists and media outlets into a single organization.

The “new media”, a term typically used to refer to the unorganized
collection of blogs, on-line magazines and talk radio shows, has had some impact in on public awareness of issues that have affected public perceptions and even influenced politics such as the Lewinsky “scandal” and “Rathergate.” However, What is different about the New Media Alliance is that it represents a more formal coming together of these new-media players.


The New Media Alliance (see ) has developed a growing network of “some of the most talented grass-roots” writers, media outlets and organizations who have all agreed to partner together in the origination and national distribution of daily news, commentary, research and analysis covering current political and cultural issues.

Americans are increasingly seeking out alternatives to the
traditional sources of news and perspective on today’s issues for a number of reasons, and we are well positioned to satisfy that growing demand.

Through our vast and growing network of contracted writers and media partners, we plan on supplying information and context on today’s important issues that would probably not otherwise have a chance to be heard.

The NMA is owned and operated by Heritage New Media Partners, Inc. which also publishes the conservative on-line magazine ”’”’ and directs the up-start campus watchdog and student empowerment group dubbed “The Reality Check On Campus”

”’Gary Schneider is the founder and president of the New Media Alliance, Inc.”’

”’ reports the real news, and prints all editorials submitted, even if they do not represent the viewpoint of the editors, as long as they are written clearly. Send editorials to”’