The Party of No Compromise

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Happy New Year, or is it the same old D.C. two step?  The mid-term election period of 2010 was spectacular.  Grass Root organizations, like the TEA Parties, sprung up all across the Nation.  The majority of American’s without a doubt had enough of the careless self serving elected “Political Elites” in Washington.  We wanted accountability.  Not a blame game, because both sides of the aisle were at fault in our economic disaster.  We also wanted representatives who would actually represent “We the People.”

Throughout 2009 during the Health Care debates, or the lack there of, America was fed up with these condescending attitudes our Representatives had developed over the decades.  We wanted to be heard.  So, across America at the various town hall meetings we gave these “Political Elites” an ear full while they attempted to convince us that this health care bill was the right thing to do.  Even with the majority of America against socialized health care, our elected officials still continued to belittle us as they passed the constitutionally challenged bill anyway, through a partisan Congress having to even bribe corruptible Senators and Representatives to get the bill passed; like the “Cornhusker Kickback” and the “Louisiana Purchase.”  Even today polls indicate that 60% of the majority in this Country are not in favor of the new legislation and are demanding its repeal.


This attitude continued through 2010 as they methodically changed our country’s way of doing business.  Our federal government now controls two major automotive manufactures, General Motors and Chrysler.  They now control 1/6 of our economy, our health care industry.   Our banking industry, financial and other lending institutions and Wall Street are now controlled by the federal government; and now the internet.  Why? Because we had a partisan President and Congress; Republican’s were literally locked out unable to participate in any of the debates or discussions.

Since they didn’t listen, what did we do?  We spoke out and kicked out those who opposed our views.  America witnessed one of, if not, the largest take over in the House of Representatives in the history of the United States.  With a simple message, we want our Country back!

During the past two years our biased President continued to issue “Executive Orders” circumventing Congress and our Constitution when certain bills were dead locked in Congress promoting his leftist agenda.  In particular, the Waxman/Markey Clean Air Act or better known as the “cap-and-trade” bill.  President Obama signed an order authorizing the Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA, new powers.  The EPA recently released a report classifying a natural Green House Gas, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), a danger to our environment using falsified data obtained from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC.  The EPA now has the authority through a permit process of how much CO2 corporations, industry and even our homes can emit.  This new regulation is a job killer; this is why the bill couldn’t get through the Senate.

In another recent executive order President Obama empowered the Federal Communication Commission, FCC, to regulate our freedom of speech through a form of “Net Neutrality.”  Now our Federal Government is controlling our means to communicate with each other and with others throughout the world.  The last two years Obama with his leftist policies has been laying out the ground work with the help of the progressive Congress pushing America towards a Socialized Government.

Throughout the entire campaign period of 2010, conservative candidates’ bi-lines were to repeal Obama Care and defunding programs within the various departments of our federal government.  Even politicians who were not affected by the election stood tall supporting the Grass Roots agendas.  However, now that the elections are over and our points were made, politicians seem to be wobbling and wimping out on their previous promises.

Now these same politicians are using the term, “bi-partisan compromises,” failing to recognize why we sent them to Washington to represent our views.   The term representative means to represent.  Their role is to represent us, their constituents in their districts, not other districts.  We elected our congressional members to represent will of the people.  So, if the majority of citizens with in their districts refuse to accept Obama Care or the Clean Air Act for example I think a “No” vote is in order; don’t you!  These members of Congress don’t represent the nation; they represent the states that sent them to Washington.  Our country was founded on the principle of a Republic composed of separate and sovereign States.

The most important issue at hand is to set the record straight; no “bi-partisan compromises.”  If there’s to be a compromise the Left can join in the dance a step to the right.

Of course the biggest argument for both sides will be if there is no “Bi-Partisanship” nothing will get done.  Well what a concept, that means no spending, no expansion of the Federal Government.  So, just continue to use the 2008 budget, for now.

Republican’s failed the first test miserably during the extension of our current tax rates.  When a simple yes or no vote would have been sufficient, America was stuck with another nearly one Trillion dollar corrupt laden “pork” spending bill.  Now instead of Obama having the legacy of “the Obama Tax Hikes,” the liberal media is now dubbing him as “the Come Back Kid!”

If these so called reborn Conservatives stuck to their guns and simply voted yes, forcing the Leftists to vote no we Patriots armed with this information could vote with a clear conscience the parasites out of office who contributed to our tax increases during the elections of 2012.

It’s that simple, stick to the fiscally conservative principles and put it on the record; we, the electorate will take care of the rest.  Remember, there are no nice guys in politics.  All we want are fair and just politicians abiding by the Constitution of the United States of America.

The message is clear, either stand-up and get in the fight or get the hell out of the way so we can get the job done!

A Socialized Government isn’t the “Change we can believe in.”

This is my opinion and I’m entitled to it; right now.





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