The Rise of Young Conservatives

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In many colleges across this great land we are seeing the emergence of a new phenomenon. What is it you ask? Conservatism. Young conservatives are beginning to get a toehold in many of the SGA’s (Student Government Association) in our colleges. Here in Florida two such universities are the University of Central Florida (UCF) and the University of Florida (UF). Both of these schools have had a recent out-pouring of conservatism on campus, which has caused problems with the Liberal students and faculty.

At the UCF campus, a recent SGA proposal to purchase American flags for all the classrooms, auditoriums and lecture halls caused an uproar. The conservative student organization, Rebuilding on a Conservative Kornerstone (ROCK) wants to use $3,100 from the roughly 10 million-dollar SGA budget to buy the flags, however many on this vastly liberal campus are upset with this proposal. They feel that the American flag will offend many of the international students that attend the university. It has been reported that some feel the American flag is a symbol of fascism, racism and hatred. The Progressive Council is not happy with this conservative activity. The Progressive Council supports such liberal organizations as Greenpeace, Free the Planet and NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and questions “how will the spending of this money benefit the students?” My question to the Progressive Council, (does it not surprise you my dear readers that this organization has the initials of Political Correct) is, how does supporting Left wing organizations benefit the student body? But of course I’m sure they would tell us, like most of the leftward bend, that they are tolerant and support all sides of issues, unless of course you want to show your love for your country, profess faith in God and/or support the Liberty and Freedoms we enjoy as the freest country on earth.


At the University of Florida, students also wanted to place flags in the classrooms and auditoriums but some in the administration were uneasy about it and wanted to display one flag in a central location on campus. They also question whether or not this is just a political statement. These political statements never seemed to be questioned at our universities as long as it was the Liberal students making them. So just why are many of the Lefty students in a snit? Some students feel that this conservative uprising is just pseudopatriotism at best. Well that just explains it all.

Our universities have been the bastions of Liberal thought for many years. Since the 60’s, when many of the university faculty was on campus as students protesting the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon or anything else conservative, our campuses have enjoyed the idea of having only Liberal thoughts exchanged. With the reemergence of patriotism and love of country that raised its head again with the presidency of Ronald Reagan, and now with George W. Bush in office, the Conservative young adults want their time in the sun. They are now armed with the backing of many off campus organizations that support conservative interests. These young adults have begun to think for themselves and not follow the dogma that is spewed forth each and everyday by some of the administrators and the Liberal faculty that teach our young people. They have made up their own minds that America is a great place, that we have been blessed with the greatest economy, people and work ethic in the world.

I for one salute these young adults in their activities and hope that many will follow in their footsteps. I hope, no, I pray with all my being that there is a full blown renaissance on our campuses, where the Liberal, Hate America First crowd will be driven from the campus’s back under the rock from which they came. God Bless you Conservative Students of UCF, UF and all universities around our great land!

God Bless America!