The Sierra Club: Just Another Political Special Interest Group Doing the Dirty Work for Power Brokers

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Colleen Meyer

BY COLLEEN MEYER – You know you are closing in or pulling ahead in an election when the mud starts flying and that is exactly what is happening in this race for the State Senate.

Even with my opponent having over $400,000 to spend, the Sierra Club has decided to start sending negative brochures about me to the voters of our district.  Not only have some of their claims been outright lies, they are showing their lack of credibility and hypocrisy by supporting Clayton Hee even though they disagree on some serious issues.


Here are three of the best examples that I need you to share with the people you know in the district.

First, the Sierra Club claimed that I voted for SB2749 in 2006, supporting the genetic modification of Hawaii’s taro crop.  The truth is that SB2749 never passed 3rdreading in the Senate and never crossed over to the House, making it impossible for me to vote for it.

Second, they claim to be pro rail but are supporting Clayton Hee who claims to be anti rail.  This makes you wonder who is being honest about their position.

Finally, the Sierra Club has claimed that they oppose the Public Lands Development Corporation but are supporting Hee who voted for and supported it in the Senate.

Unfortunately, the Sierra Club has lost its way and instead of focusing on its mission to protect the environment they have just become another political special interest group doing the dirty work for the power brokers they want to curry favor with.

This is exactly what is wrong with politics today and a main reason why I am running.  We need  people who will represent the communities they serve and not powerful special interests who will spend big money on their campaigns.

We are in this race to win and these desperate attacks prove it.  I don’t have big special interest money behind my campaign, I only have regular folks.

If you have any questions about this campaign or where I stand on the issues please feel free to give me a call at, 808-398-0828.  Thank you.


Colleen Meyer is a former Republican state Representative and a candidate for State Senate.