The UN Terrorist Enablers Council

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United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan on Thursday outlined his quickly
thrown-together plan to end the savaging of terrorists, and the unfortunate collateral death and destruction, in Lebanon at the hands of the Israelis.

Afterall, we can’t have Israel attacking terrorists armed with rockets and missiles, now can we? That would be out of sync with the norm. Israeli civilians are the ones who should be killed by terrorists.


Annan proposed a ceasefire, the early release of two captured Israeli soldiers and deployment of a peacekeeping force — or the rapists and goof-offs wearing blue helmets — on the Lebanon-Israel border.

So the top honcho at the UN wants yet another cease-fire in the Middle East? How brilliant! Now why didn’t anyone else think of that before? Syndicated columnist and economist Thomas Sowell said in a column Thursday: “People are calling for a cease-fire in the interests of peace. But there have been more cease-fires in the Middle East than anywhere else. If cease-fires actually promoted peace, the Middle East would be the most peaceful region on the face of the earth instead of the most violent.”

Yet the brilliant leftists in the U.S. and the UN (not to mention the anti-Semites within Europe’s liberal-left establishment) can’t seem to grasp that simple fact.

The Kofi Plan, which he presented to the UN security council, calls for an international conference tasked with ensuring full implementation of UN resolutions demanding the disbanding and the disarming of what Kofi calls militias — what normal people call terrorists — including Hezbollah, in Lebanon.

Finally! The UN is actually going to implement a resolution they passed years ago to disarm Hezbollah. Of course, it begs the question of why Kofi and the UN despots and thugs waited until Israel started to annihilate the terrorists to give enforcing their resolution a try?

The Kofi Plan would also establish a “donor framework, with immediate effect, to secure funding for an urgent package of aid, reconstruction and development for Lebanon.”

In other words more goodies at the expense of US taxpayers for more of the same nonsense that has become the hallmark of UN programs. Too bad Lebanon isn’t an oil producing country, then the UN folks could make a mint accepting bribes, just like they did in Iraq under Saddam Hussein. Winston Churchill once defined foreign aid as “taking money from poor people in a rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries.”

The UN secretary general, who has just returned from a European tour, told the security council that these ideas were suggested by the UN mediation team he sent to the region in consultations with Lebanese and Israeli leaders. Now that sounds like a real brain trust — a mediation team from the UN. Perhaps they should send a special diplomatic envoy such as Joe “Legend in His Own Mind” Wilson.

“Both the deliberate targeting by Hezbollah of Israeli population centers with hundreds of indiscriminate weapons and Israel’s disproportionate use of force and collective punishment of the Lebanese people must stop,” Annan said.

He also said the abducted Israeli soldiers “must be released as soon as possible” and Israel “must allow humanitarian agencies access to civilians.” No folks, he meant Islamic civilians, not Jewish ones. They can take care of themselves, right Kofi?

Annan also proposed that “an expanded peacekeeping force” be deployed along the Blue Line — the border between Lebanon and Israel — to stabilize the situation and work with the Beirut government to “help strengthen its army and deploy it fully throughout the area.”

By the way, that’s the same Army the Lebanese said would help Hezbollah if Israel deployed ground forces into Lebanon to finish off the terrorists and cutthroats. So let’s build up Lebanon’s army, by all means.

There you have it — the Kofi Plan. Perhaps they can publish it as a Kofi Table Book for those who’ll wish to read it in the future when Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist groups decide to unleash their next wave of terror. And don’t be fooled by anyone — these terrorists are not just going to pack it in because the ineffective United Nations is involved. They know what most American politicians won’t admit — the United Nations is a humorless joke.

What distresses this writer so much is that with every other crisis in the world, the UN is slow to act, and when it does, it usually fails.

Rwanda is a perfect example. True genocide was occurring in that African nation, with bodies constantly floating down rivers, and homes — men, women and children still occupying them — burned to the ground. Hundreds of thousands slaughtered. Yet, except for a few Blue Helmets, who were ordered to not fire at the barbarians killing for the sake of killing, the United Nations could not get their act together.

In Dafur, Sudan, another African community suffering at the hands of radical Islamists, it’s taken months for the UN to simply acknowledge the killing there should be classified as “genocide.” And they’re still trying to figure out what action to take in order to stop the mass murders.

Nevermind their tepid attempts at dealing with North Korea and Iran. The problem with these wannabe nuclear powers is sitting on the UN security council — Russia and China, who’ve been peddling arms to these countries like there’s no tomorrow, meanwhile no one, including the President of the United States, condemns them.

However, two terrorist groups violate Israel’s sovereignty; kidnap and kill Israeli soldiers; and indiscriminately fire rockets and missiles at Israeli cities; and it’s business as usual in the United Nations building in New York City, where despots and thugs live the high-life on some poor bastard’s dime.

Yet, the minute — the second — the Israelis retaliate and take the fight to the enemy, the first thing out of the mouths of world leaders is “Israel is going to far.” “They are using disproportionate violence.” “We must have a cease-fire.” The UN jumps into action to help the Lebanese people and the Number Two UN leader criticizes Israel and calls for solidarity with the Lebanese and Palestinians.

The left-wingers in the United States blame Bush and make statements comparing Israel with Nazi Germany. France quickly dispatches their foppish prime minister to Lebanon to show solidarity with that country, while at the same time condemning Israel’s use of force against terrorists.

Within hours — HOURS! — the United Nations security council takes a vote on a resolution condemning Israel. The only reason it doesn’t pass is the other Great Satan, the USA, blocks the resolution. In fact, historically there are more resolutions against Israel than against any other country in the world including Iraq, the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Somalia, North Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Nicaragua, etc.

The point is, if the leftists in the U.S. want to see the United Nations deal with all the crises existing today, and with future crises, all you need to do is hypnotize them into believing they are acting against the Jews living on a tiny sliver of land — of which they’ve been prodded into giving up half to a people who want them all dead — surrounded in a sea of Muslims who want the Jewish State annihilated. Do that, then stand back and watch the thugs and despots come alive.

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