Three Steps to Becoming a Master Communicator

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Effective communication. We all want to know how to become better at it. We all want the benefits it bestows on those who master it. Yet why is it that so few people are seen as master communicators?

Picture all the additional sales, deeper relationships and increased profits that being a master communicator can bring into your life. These are just a few of the benefits that come from being a better communicator. While it may not be possible to turn you into a master communicator in one short article, here are three simple steps to start you on the road to success.


Step One: Accurate self-perception — the foundation of the master communicator.

The beginning of self-perception lies in the ability to separate yourself from the whirling world around you. Escape to a quiet place and time. Reflect and focus on your actions, your communications and the effectiveness of both. Then ask yourself these power questions:

What results have I achieved in the past with the way I have been communicating? Am I happy with the results? If not, what has been missing? Am I truly communicating in the most effective way possible for each person I meet? Or am I just communicating ”’my”’ way?

Be brutally honest with yourself. There is always something we can improve in our communication style. (The top communicators in the world do this on a regular basis. Do you think this might be part of the reason they ”’are”’ master communicators? Hmmmmm … something to think about.)

Step Two: Feedback from trusted sources.

Once you have what you honestly feel is an accurate self-perception, the next step is to validate your view by going to the people who know you best. Poll these people and ask for honest answers to these four simple questions.

What do you like in the way I have been communicating with you?
Based on your observations, what could I do to more quickly build rapport and develop trust with other people?
From your observations, what am I doing in my communication with others that is working?
What do I do consistently in my communicating, that if modified, would help improve our communication?

”’Listen”’ … write down the feedback. Compare the answers with your own to move to step three for final confirmation.

Step Three: Behavioral Strengths Assessments

Behavioral assessments are an outstanding tool for self-development proven in use by top corporations and leading achievers from around the world. A quality, validated behavioral assessment will give you both a clear self-perception and an accurate perception of how others receive your communication style.

Coaches Note: The best assessments for rapid development and proven results are behavior and attitude/value based — focused on observable and directly related to performance. Whereas complex, personality based assessments are more appropriate for the psychologist’s chair.

”The Bottom Line”

Whether you choose to start with assessments as step one or finish with assessments as step three, don’t let another day go by with the status quo being acceptable. You have no right to complain about the results you’re getting if you’re not consistently evaluating and improving your daily actions. Get started today. You can read the full length 1500-word version of this article complete with coaching notes in the Personal Performance section of the “Article Archive” at And remember that whatever investments you make of your time, money and effort today will yield the results you will receive for the rest of your lifetime.