Tiki’s Wins ‘Honolulu Magazine’s’ Best Keiki Menu

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REPORT FROM TIKI’S IN WAIKIKI – Who would have guessed that winning an award would create panic in your planning!

Last week Sunday we had a decision to make. We had spent more than a couple months preparing and perfecting our first change to our Keiki (Children’s) Menu and scheduled to roll out the changes on the following day – Monday February 27th.


This was going to be our first change to that menu in 6 years!

But then we got a text: Tiki’s was voted Best Kids Menu for Best of Honolulu! “Wow! Really?” was my reply text.

Not that I didn’t think our Keiki Menu is great, but having dealt with the often conflicting perceptions of a foodie-worthy restaurant and a dynamic and popular bar scene, I just didn’t think people would notice the attention we give that small part of our business (pun intended).

Nevertheless, we had to decide if we were going to go forward with our changes and risk upsetting people who read the article and came into the restaurant, or wait and plan the changes for a later time.

We opted for the latter and Chef Ronnie had to literally stop in the middle of his prepping of the new menu items and we had to stop the printing of the actual menus themselves.

Look for the March issue of Honolulu Magazine.