U.S.-Made Vehicles Top Consumer Reports Best Car List

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People who believe the United States no longer manufactures anything need to check out the newest Consumer Reports “Best Cars” list.

The magazine recently selected the top cars for 2011 in 10 categories.


Five “best models” are made in the USA, three in Japan, one in Canada, and one in Mexico.

Category Manufacturer Model Plant Location
Family Sedan Nissan Altima Smyrna, TN and Canton, MS
Small Car Hyundai Elantra Montgomery, AL
Budget Car Honda Fit Japan
Small SUV Toyota RAV4 Canada
Green Car Toyota Prius Japan
Family SUV Kia Sorento West Point, GA
Sporty Car Ford Mustang Flat Rock, MI
Sports Sedan Infiniti G37 Japan
Family Hauler Toyota Sienna Princeton, IN
Pickup Truck Chevrolet Avalanche Mexico


Four of the made-in-the-USA models carry foreign nameplates; by contrast, the one Chevy on the list is made in Mexico.

The Consumers Reports list shows that U.S. workers are able to make the best products in the world. It also serves as a reminder of the benefits of international investment. According to the Organization for International Investment, U.S. divisions of foreign companies like Nissan, Hyundai, and Toyota employ 5.6 million Americans and provide 13 percent of U.S. manufacturing jobs.