UH System Fall 2011 Enrollment Reaches Record High of 60,519

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HONOLULU – The fall 2011 opening enrollment for the University of Hawai‘i System reached yet another high in the institution’s history with 60,519 students. It surpasses fall 2010’s record enrollment of 60,231 by 288 students, or 0.5 percent. UH’s fall opening enrollment has increased for a fifth straight year and has grown by 20 percent since 2006.

“Enrollment at our University of Hawai‘i campuses today is 10,000 students greater than it was five years ago, which shows that people understand higher education is a good investment,” said UH Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs/Provost Linda Johnsrud. “The university is committed to support the success of our students in order to meet the goal of the Hawai‘i Graduation Initiative to significantly increase the number of college graduates by 2015. It is our responsibility to the state of Hawai‘i to provide a quality education and help our students achieve their dreams.”


Enrollment at UH Mānoa, UH Hilo and UH West O‘ahu all increased from a year ago, while the UH Community Colleges experienced a minimal decrease.

UH West O‘ahu enrolled its fifth freshman class and significantly increased enrollment to 1,699 students. The campus posted the largest numerical gain with 205 students and claimed the biggest increase of 13.7 percent. At UH Hilo, enrollment increased to 4,149, with a gain of 64 students, or 1.6 percent, over the previous year. UH Mānoa enrollment also increased to 20,313, with a gain of 176 students, or 0.9 percent more students as compared to last fall.

The UH community college enrollment experienced a slight decrease. While four campuses reported decreases ranging from 0.6 percent to 3.3 percent, three campuses had an increase in enrollment ranging from 2.2 percent to 3.9 percent. UH Maui College posted the largest numerical gain with 168 students and also boasted the greatest percentage gain at 3.9 percent. Specific figures per campus follow:
Hawai‘i CC recorded 3,933 students, a gain of 83 or 2.2 percent;
Honolulu CC enrolled 4,656 students, a decrease of 119 or 2.5 percent;
Kapi‘olani CC enrolled 9,133 students, a decrease of 313 or 3.3 percent;
Kaua‘i CC recorded 1,434 students, a decrease of eight or 0.6 percent;
Leeward CC registered 7,947 students, a decrease of 44 or 0.6 percent;
UH Maui College totaled 4,518 students, a gain of 168 or 3.9 percent; and
Windward CC recorded 2,737 students, a gain of 76 or 2.9 percent.
Separately, approximately 28,000 registrations in non-credit programs are expected throughout the UH System.

For more information, visit https://www.hawaii.edu/offices/app/openenroll/.