University Comments on Indictment of Two in Stevie Wonder Concert Scam

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STATEMENT ISSUED BY THE UNIVERSITY OF HAWAIIThe University of Hawai’i welcomes the announcement today by the United States Attorney and the FBI that two individuals have been indicted by a federal grand jury in connection with what the university believes was fraud perpetrated upon it in connection with the failed Stevie Wonder concert. The university expresses its sincere thanks to the United States Attorney and the FBI for their diligence in this matter.

While the university has been kept informed of certain developments in the case, there is much university officials have not been able to say, and still cannot say, so as not to interfere with the criminal investigation and pending prosecution.


As the United States Attorney and the FBI have stated, since the university reported this matter directly to the bureau in early July, the university and its officials have fully cooperated with the investigation.

President MRC Greenwood stated, “I thank the United States Attorney and the FBI for their diligence in this matter. We at the university have fully cooperated in this investigation, and we look forward to the criminal justice system proceeding to prosecute those charged. The U.S. Attorney and the FBI have now confirmed that the university was the victim of a white-collar crime’. We trust that this will help the university move past the failed concert episode and move forward with its many important missions.”

UH Manoa Chancellor Tom Apple said, “I echo President Greenwood’s comments and add that I am glad that the United States Attorney and the FBI have today confirmed that no UH employees were a part of what we believe to have been a crime. We look forward to refocusing our efforts and energies into fulfilling our land grant mission and helping Hawai’i.”

“We’re grateful the indictment has been brought, we hope we receive some measure of restitution,” concluded Greenwood.

So as not to jeopardize the now-pending criminal case, we cannot make any further comments beyond those that we make in our written statement.





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